Lease Negotiations


Our years of experience specializing in representing tenants will guarantee you the best space and terms available.


Comprehensive Service tailored to meet your bottom line


Our exceptional negotiating power with building agents / owners, based upon:


- Volume of Tenants we have represented
- Successful working relationships with Property Owners (Industry Recognized)
- Two Decades of "Actual" experience with real-feet-on-the-ground in Manhattan.



Up to the Minute knowledge of reduced-price commercial spaces, ensuring we bring to the table only the best market rates!


We challenge you to test our reputation and ability

Let our professional tenant brokers analyze your space requirements without any frustration or fee.


Whether you require:


- negotiate your lease for renewal
- get concessions from the landlord
- receive free rent
- cut operating costs
- landlord’s work / build-out
- allocate responsibility and cost of fixing up your space
- negotiate flexibility to expand, renew or terminate early
- avoid dealing with costly code compliance and issues


Things to Consider:


The lease terms in most cases are biased in the landlord’s favor.


We can always negotiate significant improvements to the terms.


- Length of Lease
- Rent & Rent Increases
- This will help you determine the real cost of renting
- Ensuring you can keep future rent at manageable levels
- Tenant Improvements
- Subleases & Assignments




In most situations we are able to negotiate a complete new installation, built by the landlord which is prefferable in most instances rather than the tenant taking on the responsiblity of the construction, keep in mind the construction most often includes architectuals cost, files, permits, all of which are at an additional cost.

New York Office Space is a full-service commercial real estate firm specializing in Manhattan commercial properties for local businesses and companies looking to lease space. Our brokers are experienced, dedicated experts in New York’s real estate market, including many facets not limited to; the geography of the city and the availability of the buildings across Manhattan.

NYOS guides its clients through the entire process, beginning with the initial search, through all showings, negotiations and even architectural and construction plans.

Please call or email a New York Office Space broker for details.