Commercial Condo - Coop Purchases / Sales


Purchasing an Office in the form of a Commercial Condo or Co-op allows you to own your own future. Avoid the expense and circumvent future lease increases.


Allow us to assist you and stop outlaying rental costs and begin gaining equity towards assuring your future!


Businesses from assorted industries as varied as Accounting, Fashion, Health, Insurance, Law, and Technology have all acquired their condo offices with our advice.


Due to our years of local industry experience; our brokers have assisted many businesses and entrepreneurs to find a commercial space in Manhattan.


Benefit from Our Expertise


Practical know-how of the best time frame to act


Facts-driven consultation of how the acquisition fits your bottom-line


Summarize the specific needs for long term space / detailing projections & the reestablishment of your business


Advise on construction and build out expenses when outlining cost/benefits analysis


Formulate spatial requirements according to square footage and business activity


Take advantage of SBA financing which only requires 10% down – this financing also allows the buyer to include closing costs and construction costs in the mortgage.


We offer a comprehensive host of services, including:


Drafting a comprehensive Buy vs. Rent analysis cost


Project construction and build-out management services for on your Condo


Access to our team of specialized professionals including attorneys, appraisers, engineers, architects and contractors are available to assist in the transaction




Before buying commercial real estate, it’s important to make sure that buying is right for your business for the long-term.


If you’re very aggressive with revenue growth projections or overshoot how much space you need to occupy or buy and then the business doesn’t grow fast enough into that, you may have a problem.


We will work closely with you to analyze your business + financial requirements to determine if purchasing or leasing is the best option for and your company.

New York Office Space is a full-service commercial real estate firm specializing in Manhattan commercial properties for local businesses and companies looking to lease space. Our brokers are experienced, dedicated experts in New York’s real estate market, including many facets not limited to; the geography of the city and the availability of the buildings across Manhattan.

NYOS guides its clients through the entire process, beginning with the initial search, through all showings, negotiations and even architectural and construction plans.

Please call or email a New York Office Space broker for details.