Sublet Your Space

With massive corporate restructuring and downsizing, the construction of new buildings, including One World Trade Center – as well as dozens of others on the West Side – and the movement of many companies, especially financial, to the suburbs, millions of square feet of office space has come on the market. Reaching out to as many potential tenants and brokers as possible increases the chances of a company’s ability to find a qualified sublessor. The following are steps of a proper strategy that can help ease the financial and manpower outlay with better success:

1. Compile and Send a Flash E- Mail Presentation: This tenant-oriented presentation goes out to New York Office Space’s exclusive database of Manhattan companies.

2. Direct Faxing: A marketing expert at New York Office Space develops and faxes up to 1,500 flyers per day to a targeted database of companies that have the same usage requirements for a tenant’s available space.

3. Direct Telemarketing: A marketing associate will follow the emailing and faxing with phone calls to the chief stakeholders in targeted companies to promote available space.

4. Advertise Space in such outlets as the New York Times and Industry Publications: The web isn’t everything; many of the best – and overlooked – spaces are now posted in the local media.

New York Office Space is a full-service commercial real estate firm specializing in Manhattan commercial properties for local businesses and companies looking to lease space. Our brokers are experienced, dedicated experts in New York’s real estate market, including many facets not limited to; the geography of the city and the availability of the buildings across Manhattan.

NYOS guides its clients through the entire process, beginning with the initial search, through all showings, negotiations and even architectural and construction plans.

Please call or email a New York Office Space broker for details.